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We do not just do condoms.

We carry out lubricants and vibrators, too. We offer vibrating dick rings and you will purchase them in Sainsbury’s and Tesco. We offer vibrators in Superdrug.

We make various water-based lubricants

and try to cause them to perhaps not appear as well seedy or too healthcare. They may be appropriate any opening.

We do not inform men and women what direction to go.

Condoms can be utilized for just about any sort of sex and, in fact, a lot more people tend to be into rectal intercourse, kids.

The vibrators we market aren’t unattractive,

scary-looking phallic objects. They were developed by women for ladies. These are the sort of thing you would not be embarrassed for inside bathroom.

All of our vibrators fill a gap on the market.

The little gem vibrator is actually great. I could attest to that. About one in three ladies have vibrators.

Penetration is limited part of intercourse.

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Charles Goodyear 1st created vulcanised rubberized in 1843.

Fluid latex was devised from inside the 1930s.

This is why condoms were created:

the production facilities have actually vats of water latex. Over the vats tend to be big cylinders that have protruding from them many huge, glass penis-shaped objects. The tube converts and every time a layer of latex is actually used. The width regarding the condom depends upon how many instances it really is dipped when you look at the latex as well as exactly what performance.

All of our parent organization owns the Marigold brand name.

On a monthly basis we try two million condoms,

by completing them with h2o and suspending all of them. We in addition perform inflation exams. We are able to get 22 litres of atmosphere into a condom before it splits.

Durex initially stood for durability, reliability and quality.

Condoms used to be distributed in barber retailers.

Thus the term ‘something when it comes to weekend, sir?’

We’re a small business but we’re socially liable, also,

and understand the component that condoms can take advantage of within the combat helps, for example. We would face issues when considering Catholic nations.

There’s an increase in chlamydia when you look at the over-fifties.

They are truly becoming more promiscuous.

The firm board would be comfortable talking about dick bands.

All of our CEO could be.

I do believe that people get embarrassed dealing with sex because, really,

they truly are dealing with their particular sex life.

I am talking about, which is all they are aware in regards to. I guess people think as long as they speak about sex they’ve been letting other individuals in their minds.

Required a lot to embarrass me personally.