Contract a Sentence Using the following Nouns and Adjectives as Suggested inside the Parentheses

As an SEO copy editor, one important aspect of creating optimized content is ensuring that sentences are concise and to the point. This not only helps readers to better understand the content, but it also makes it easier for search engines to crawl and understand the page. One way to achieve this is by using strong nouns and adjectives to convey meaning in fewer words. Here are some suggestions for how to contract a sentence using specific nouns and adjectives:

1. “Large” and “Number”

Original: The company had a large number of employees.

Contracted: The company employed a large number of people.

2. “Expensive” and “Cost”

Original: The cost of the product was expensive.

Contracted: The product was expensive.

3. “Important” and “Significance”

Original: The significance of the issue was important to the team.

Contracted: The issue was significant to the team.

4. “Difficult” and “Challenge”

Original: The challenge was difficult for the team to overcome.

Contracted: The team faced a difficult challenge.

5. “Genuine” and “Authenticity”

Original: The authenticity of the product was genuine.

Contracted: The product was genuine.

By using strong nouns and adjectives, we can create contracted sentences that are more impactful and better convey meaning in fewer words. This not only improves the readability and understandability of our content, but it can also help our pages to rank better in search engine results. As copy editors, it`s important for us to consider the impact of the words we choose and how they can affect both readers and search engines.